You’ll likely not hear the question what is a home inspection until you look to purchase your first home. A home inspection is either mandatory to secure a home loan, or strongly recommended in any case. A home seller should have a current home inspection, as a buyer will likely be required to have the home inspected. A professional Home Inspection protects both the buyer and seller. In some cases a home inspector will find a serious issue with a home that can come back to haunt a buyer or seller.

In any case, a Certified Home Inspector is required to perform a professional Home Inspection. Your home inspector, like Montana’s Home Inspection Services Inc., will go through your home, yard, exterior structures and all elements of the property’s infrastructure.

Montana’s Home Inspection Services brings not only inspection certifications, but over 15 years of home maintenance, remodeling and construction to the inspection table. That means that we have built many of the home structures and features that we’ll be inspecting and know even more of what to look for during the inspection, and a way forward to help solve an inspection point that failed.

Home areas for Inspection

Your Inspector reviews every room, crawlspace, garage, window, major appliance, plumbing and wiring, exterior, roof top and more. If you have any concern about a particular element or structure, you should let your Inspector know.

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