Home Maintenance for Spring

spring Home Maintenance for Spring involves some regular seasonal home maintenance after winter starts leaving our region, but it also depends on the weather we encountered at the end of fall and throughout winter. For example, if all the leaves didn’t fall before the winter snow came, it may be more urgent to clean gutters and downspouts before possible heavy spring rain comes. You would also want to check the gutter brackets, nails and screws to make sure they were not over-stressed and became loose. Regular Home maintenance for spring includes:

  • Clean area wells, window wells, and storm drains
  • Check driveways and sidewalks for cracks, yard for settlement and soil erosion
  • Check doors, windows, and trim for finish failure
  • Check glazed openings for loose putty
  • Check for broken glass and damaged screens
  • Check caulking at doors, windows and all other openings and joints between dissimilar materials (like wood and masonry)
  • Check masonry for cracks and loose joints
  • Check painted surfaces for paint failure
  • Check siding and trim for damage and decay
  • Check roof for damaged or loose shingles, blistered roofing
  • Check underside of roof where accessible for water stains or dampness
  • Check roof for damaged flashing
  • Check for damaged gutters, downspouts, hangers, strainers, and rust
  • Check exterior vents, louvers, and chimney caps and housings for bird nests, etc.
  • Check masonry on chimneys
  • Check fascias and soffits for paint failure and decay
  • Check all interior joints in ceramic tile, laminated plastic, and similar surfaces
  • Check grouting around tubs, showers, and sinks
  • Check condition of lamp cords, extension cords, and plugs, Replace at first sign of wear or damage
  • Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s)
  • Clean dirt and dust from around furnaces, water heaters, and refrigerators
  • Look for insect infiltration

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