This year in our region, many of our homes have heavy snow damaged gutters due to the growing snow loads on the roof tops and slow melting, placing a heavy burden on rain gutters. Although winter isn’t over yet, the more snow that comes means potential damage to keep an eye on.

In many cases rain gutter brackets failed, particularly the older style rain gutters with the classic nail bracket. These home owners would come home to gutters that ripped off the house, unable to hold the heavy snow (and most likely other debris from fall leaves etc. that had not been cleaned out, leading to addition water that could not flow freely to the down spouts).

Make a note to check your rain gutters and down spouts once the snow melts from your roof top. If you cannot perform this, find a home maintenance company that can.

What to look for in a failing rain gutter or down spout after heavy snow damaged gutters:

  • Nails or bracket screws will appear to have “backed out” of their fully-tightened positions
  • Missing nails or screws (water leaking out of a gutter “side hole”)
  • Visible drooping of a straight section of rain gutter
  • Cracks or bends leaking water
  • Corners leaking at door steps and roof corners

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