In Montana we can have a severe hail storm just about any time in spring and summer. In most cases the storm comes on fast and hard, and although it seems like there may not be much you can do, in fact there are several prevention steps to avoid and reduce hail damage. Think prevention and home inspection.

Billings Montana hail can vary in size and speed. Although hail hits hard at any size, you can make sure your vulnerable structures are as prepared as possible. try these tips for Hail Damage Prevention and Home Inspection:

  • Paint any exposed siding, trim and fascia – good exterior paint is some protection
  • Check your roof for loose shingles and any other faults that can be quickly damaged by hail
  • Check plastic window well covers for age and replace if it has been several years and you see cracking (these will be shredded in a hail storm)
  • If you have shutters that are operational (not simple decorative) learn how to use them in case of a coming hail storm
  • Cover exposed Lawn irrigation pumps that will have vulnerable PVC pipe and filters

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