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Summertime is busy time for most of us, and your Billings Home Inspection professional at Montana’s Home Inspection Services Inc., want to remind you that inn addition to springtime home maintenance points, an often overlooked preparation element is the home fire extinguisher. Maybe it has been a few years or more since you have checked your fire extinguishers? Or maybe you don’t have a single one? And while your at it, check those smoke detectors too!

Fire Extinguishers should be in these locations and contain a full charge:

  • In Each Kitchen of the home (with Kitchen rating)
  • In each Garage and shed—anywhere there are flammables and heat tools
  • On the back patio near the BBQ grill, fire pit and holiday fireworks
  • One near the home furnace
  • On hand when using a heat tool in the home such as a propane torch and pipe work

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Fire Extinguishers: Tips from your Billings Home Inspection Professional