Dryer Duct Cleaning isn’t something you hear about often, but it’s something you should be aware of. We wash and dry clothes in our appliances probably once a week, or more with a family. The dryer contains a high heat element (electric or natural gas heated) that has an exhaust tube that (if done appropriately) leads out of the house to a wall vent that provides an exhaust port outside.

  1. The first thing to regularly do after every dryer load is to remove all the lint from the lint trap.
  2. Lint traps that are not cleaned will pass additional lint that can be dangerously collected in the exhaust tube, which must be cleaned
  3. Lint can build up in the exhaust tube, restrict dryer efficiency and become a serious fire danger
  4. Dryer lint removal devices are available, but if the lint is too heavy, the best option is to purchase a brand new exhaust tube (not expensive) with a fresh inside surface that will not collect future lint as quickly
  5. Check your dryer tubing or “duct” at least once per year, or if you experience the dryer not heating efficiently

As always, if you have not performed a task like this or do not feel comfortable, look for a professional and be safe.

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